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Project delivery & assurance

Delivering complex projects right first time is a challenging task. Our world-class expertise and experience makes us one of the most sought-after companies providing project delivery and assurance services.

We are recognised by the Financial Times as a leading service provider in their 2018 and 2019 survey.

As well as defining project delivery objectives in terms of cost, time and performance, we provide our clients with support throughout the life of a project, all the time managing risks and maximising opportunities.

Our project planning and reporting is far-sighted, promoting solutions and issue resolution. Crucially, our assurance service gives reassurance if all is well, or early warning if it’s not.

Project Delivery

Caring about people’s and the stakeholders’ needs and wants is key to Concerto delivering a successful outcome for critical projects, on time and on budget.

We integrate all aspects of projects ranging from construction of a physical asset, to technology solutions, to implementing new ways of working and embedding culture change.

Managing succesful projects is all about managing risk using effective governance. We work with you to capture opportunities, reduce risk and create resilence – enabling you to deliver more, faster.

From mobilising the 2012 Olympics to the delivery of the new UK Supreme Court to the introduction of new workspace solutions in the health sector, we have led a wide variety of projects, generating numerous benefits and lasting legacies.


It is critically important for all organisations, whether public or private sector, to know they are set up for success and on track to deliver. We provide reassurance if all is well, or early warning and support if it isn’t.

Our reviews deliver reports with practical and immediate advice, no matter how complex, and flag up anything veering off track.

Our team of over 40 reviewers has assessed hundreds of projects, including for the Cabinet Office, the Ministry of Defence, the NHS and the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. We are specialist reviewers for the UK National Audit Office and have reviewed complex high-value projects such as the United Nations’ capital master plan and the construction of the International Criminal Court.

Our mantra is all about giving early warning. The earlier a client knows about an issue, the better.

Here’s an overview of our specific assurance services:

  • Critical Friend Review – we are “on your side” increasing the chances of success and anticipating traps as you prepare for approvals
  • Sponsor Role Assurance – we concentrate on the role, remit and effectiveness of the client’s programme / project Sponsor function
  • Assurance Function Effectiveness – we review your assurance function, identifying opportunities to strengthen it
  • Three Lines of Defence Assurance – we examine your LODs and make recommendations to strengthen the regime
  • Project Validation Reviews – inclusive, challenging workshops early in the lifecycle to optimise the strategy and first crucial steps
  • Business Case Assurance – covering strategic alignment, economic options, commercials, funding / financing and management
  • Portfolio Assurance – the projects might all make sense, but is the integrated portfolio under control?
  • Programme Assurance – we consider all the elements of the programme and recommend improvements
  • Project Assurance – at any stage in the lifecycle – the business case, mobilisation, handover, and benefits delivery
  • Lessons Learned workshops – a structured review of the main lessons aimed at improving future programmes and projects

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