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2 February 2018

Concerto in Top 15…

Concerto in Top 15 of the FT’s 2018 Management Consultancy Survey!

Thank you to our valued clients for nominating Concerto (without telling us!) in the Public Services category of the FT’s Management Consultants survey. This result came out of the blue as we decided not to enter the survey ourselves – this result came entirely from you!  

A big THANK YOU from Adam, Anne-Marie, Marcy, Matthew and Stephen as well as from our extensive network of some 200+ expert associates. We enjoy working on some of the biggest, most complex business transformation programmes and are glad to be recognised for this.

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13 October 2017

BREXIT Strategic Review

We are working with an international construction company to examine potential consequences of BREXIT.  We are helping develop a strategy based on scenarios, risks and opportunities.

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9 March 2016

Strategic study with the NAO

Concerto have been appointed to shape and deliver an interesting piece of strategic thinking with the National Audit Office.  Our brief is to examine how different departments engage with their respective markets and come up with a repeatable Evaluation Model that can be used at intervals in the future. We drew three experts from our talent pool for this study, who understand the way government engages and procures services from different market places.  The exam question is identify good practice and make recommendations that would help departments engage more effectively in the future.  Interesting and challenging stuff.

14 February 2016

Flexible working in Clifford Chance

Concerto are delivering an exciting assignment in Clifford Chance, introducing the concept of desk-sharing and flexible working.  We have led many assignments like this, but this one is right up there in terms of speed and scale of ambition.

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2 December 2015

7 ways NOT to buy consultancy services

Concerto has been on the receiving end of poorly thought-through “commoditised” fee frameworks but we have also seen some best practice examples of insightful buying.  This maturity scale is compelling reading for those who want to get best value…….

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2 October 2015

8 checks for your PPL (Project Pilot Licence)

Do you have the skills to lead a Project Pilot?

Project Pilots are exploratory, inevitably uncertain and purposefully investigative.

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6 August 2015

Sailing the Atlantic/Running a Change Project

Spot the difference

Recently I was fortunate to have the opportunity to sail a small yacht across the Atlantic Ocean and back again.

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23 July 2015

Ten lead indicators of project failure

People say I’m schizophrenic about the reasons for project failure, but we don’t care.

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2 July 2015

Notes from the Smart City Part 3: Practical initiatives – things we must DO

In part two of this series of blog posts on enabling the smart city, I spoke about things that we must understand of conceptualise.

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28 May 2015

Notes from the Smart City Part 2: Understanding Integration

In my last blog post, I spoke about the delivery issues one can experience with solutions devised to skip across sectoral boundaries. 

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